Who We Are

A little more about the people behind Bare Naked Bodies

We believe your skin wants to be Naked...

Bare Naked Body was established in 2010 in the beautiful coastal town of Perth, Western Australia, with the aim to produce and promote luxurious, natural, hand-crafted body and bath products to the world. We believe bath and shower time is special and you should have the opportunity to indulge and share some quality time with yourself. 

The Director of Bare Naked Body, Lisa S, is environmentally conscious and tries to choose "green" whenever possible. We think so much about what we consume and put into our bodies, that the same thought should be put into what goes onto our bodies and skin. Lisa S encourages people to read the list of ingredients on products, like you do with food, and think about where these ingredients come from and what they are doing to your skin and the environment. 

Many of the ingredients in commercial bath and body products are unnecessary and cause skin irritation and reactions. Bare Naked Body believes in getting back to simple, nourishing, yet luxurious products, which are body, mind and soul safe. 

All Bare Naked Body products are as natural as we can make them. We use only truly botanicals and natural colourants, found in nature, including rich and beneficial clays and spices. We use only the highest quality, therapeutic essential oils for scent - no artificial mass produced and skin irritating fragrance oils. We also produce a large range of Bare soap bars, which are free from all essential oils and excellent for sensitive skin. 

To keep up to date of our latest creations, feel free to follow our blog. 

I hope you enjoy.

Lisa S