Our Philosophy

Bare Naked Body believes your skin wants to be Naked - and that means Natural...

Bare Naked Body believes that natural products have much to offer and many benefits on commercially produced soaps, bath and body products. Just try using a Bare Naked Body natural soap and you will notice that your skin does not feel as itchy and tight after a shower, but that your skin feels nourished and smooth.

Your skin wants to be Naked and that means honouring it with the most natural skin care products possible.

Bare Naked Body products contain:

No petrochemicals

No parabens

No sulphates

No SLS's

No artificial colours

No artificial fragrances 

All of our products are vegetarian friendly and mostly vegan friendly (some products contain honey, goat's milk, milk powder or beeswax). All Bare Naked Body products have ingredients listed, including the essential oils in the product so you can inform yourself as to exactly what you are putting on your skin and come to learn the benefits of the different essential oils. 

Our philosophy is that simple is often best, so we don't over-complicate it - we keep our products simple, natural, raw, nourishing and relevant.

We try to source the best and most beneficial ingredients possible and you can view our ingredients information here.

camomile soap